The 24h Bol d'Or ends earlier than expected but Krummenacher proves his abilities.


Last weekend, the historic and spectacular "24h of the Bol d'Or" took place on the Le Catellet circuit in France.

Randy Krummenacher, called to participate by Team Tati Beringer, did not hesitate to try this new experience riding the Kawasaki ZX-10R. Together with him, taking to the track to compete with the colors of the French team, the two drivers Hugo Clere and Baptiste Guittet.

Krummenacher was assigned to start this edition of the Bol d'Or from ninth place, as per the qualifying times.

The Swiss showed promptness and speed, immediately placing himself among the leaders in his initial stint. Tenth in the first hour, eighth in the second hour, in fifth position after seven hours from the start and in fourth after eighteen hours when, during the stint entrusted to the French rider Clere and which began at 10:00 in the morning, the bike had problems with the engine to the point of forcing the crew of the Tati Beringer to retire.

A disappointment for the pilots, mechanics, technicians and for all the people involved in this undertaking which, given how it proceeded, could have ended with great results.


#RK: “It was a beautiful experience, full of emotions, of pure life, of serious people passionate about real motorcycling, of fans, of sharing and help, an experience that I will never forget.

I had never participated in an endurance race and I was curious and enthusiastic about doing so but what I received, in terms of emotions and satisfaction, far exceeded my expectations.

The team decided that I should start and this added even more emotion. It was all new to me but despite this I managed to immediately go among the leaders. My first stint finished at 3.47pm and I handed over to Hugo (Clere). We were doing really well, the night was tough but also very fascinating. My wife helped me with everything, preparing my helmets, suits, always making me find food at the right time, supporting me mentally and making sure that everything was going well and so I was able to immediately get into the right rhythms and be well prepared for the stint following.

Once the night was over, we began to see the road that led towards the finale when, having finished my stint at 10:00 on Sunday morning, I left the bike to my partner Hugo Clere but after a few laps, on the monitor, I saw that there was it was some problem. The bike was smoking and once in the hands of the mechanics, it was found that the engine was broken and could not be repaired. It was a hard blow for everyone because these races are incredibly intense but they also bring together all the staff who work on the bike and on assistance.

A shame really but these are races, it can happen and this time it happened to us. However, I am very happy to have participated because a new and interesting world opened up to my eyes.

I thank the Tati Team Beringer Racing, my teammates, Hugo Clere and Baptiste Guittet, the sponsors, the supporters and all the people involved in this absolutely positive experience.”

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